Monthly Meetup At Baze University Post Event

Event overview - The Digizens Meet-up event is staged monthly to discover how innovations in technology ignite citizens action capable of enhancing the efficiency of cities or organizations. With more than 30 students in attendance the event started with an introduction by Mr Rislan A. Director of IT services Baze university Abuja.

A presentation was given by Mr Bernard Ewah on the topic “Citizens Data as a Tools for Public Service Delivery”. The Case Presentation was on The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria stating the problems and possible solutions using data. He also went ahead to talk about Data sources, Mobile big data, the applications of mobile big data analytics and its possible outcomes, the conditions and challenges. Although the students were from different departments they showed a keen interest on the subject matter and were interactive and had questions when it came to data collection and .

data security. There were a couple of interesting questions on the duplication of data and identity theft as a result of lack of data security. Thanks to Baze university who graciously hosted the event that took place in Auditorium C on the 22 May 2019 , It was a successful two hour event that started by 11am and ended by 1pm.